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Herriman Twilight 800m

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St. George,Ut,United States

Member Since:

Jun 02, 2014



Goal Type:

Highschool Champ

Running Accomplishments:

One time i stayed awake for 48 hours and drank a half gallon of warm milk and ran a 400 in under a minute without throwing up


3200m:     9:59 (Snow Canyon Invite) 9th

1600m:     4:30 (region @ cedar) 11th

800m:     1:56.70 (State) 11th


3 Mile:     15:38.8 (Woodbridge Classic) 9th

2 Mile:    10:44 (Time Trial) 10th

5K:     17:07 (NXR Southwest) 9th

Sugar House Park (State)  16:34 - 11th

Mnt SAC (footlocker west)   17:27 - 11th

Half Marathon  1:14:20 (Dogtown Half) 11th


Short-Term Running Goals:

- win

- sub 6 mile

Long-Term Running Goals:

run the top speed of a mature brown bear


No wife, no children. Ball is life.

Favorite Blogs:

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Asics Gel-DS Trainer Lifetime Miles: 506.79
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 60.65
Brooks Cascadia 9 Lifetime Miles: 204.61
Saucony Mirage 3 Lifetime Miles: 543.27
Asics GT-2000 Lifetime Miles: 121.27
Nike Rival XC Lifetime Miles: 81.50
Saucony Kinvara 4 Lifetime Miles: 624.83
Saucony Velocity Lifetime Miles: 20.00
Brooks Glycerin 11 Lifetime Miles: 458.22
Saucony Carrera XC Lifetime Miles: 54.00
Nike Vomero 10 Lifetime Miles: 281.60
Saucony Kinvara 6 Lifetime Miles: 226.80
Nike Pegasus 32 Lifetime Miles: 174.50
Nike Zoom Structure 18 Lifetime Miles: 19.00
Nike Peg 33 Lifetime Miles: 507.00
Nike Peg 33 Green Lifetime Miles: 472.45
Nike Peg 34 Nop Lifetime Miles: 314.61
Total Distance
Nike Peg 34 Nop Miles: 48.11Nike Peg 33 Green Miles: 7.00
Total Distance

am- weights and easy run

pm- workout in the wind and pouring rain. 10 warmup 5 easy tempo 3x800 @cv pace, 4x400 @4-3 seconds faster than 1600 pace, 4x100 @ 400 pace, 300 @ f pace. all with 2 min recovery and full before the 300. this was pretty tough workout. hit the 800s about 5 seconds fast on all of them, went 65, 63,63,63 for my 400s and 13s on my 100s and 42 on the 300. the wind really sucked, it hit us on the home stretch, plus we were totally drenched in the rain so I took my shirt off because it was so heavy even though it was cold. good day, still missing j and carson though. Ive kind of given up on expecting them to get it together this season but what can you do.

Nike Peg 34 Nop Miles: 11.00
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Total Distance

am easy 25 past artic circle

pm easy 30 sandbergs

Nike Peg 33 Green Miles: 7.00
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Race: Herriman Twilight 800m (0.497 Miles) 00:01:57, Place overall: 1
Total Distance

6am- easy 25 minutes

7pm- Herriman Invite 800m

twas a pretty beast day, good trip up. paul came by and that was fun. I warmed up alone for like 10 minutes, got back right in time. For the race I started out behind a good amount of people and more passed on the outside as I was stuck on the inside. 300m in I was behind like 8 or 10 guys and so I got to the outside and got moving hard I kept that move up and with 300m there was only 1 more guy in head of me. I was going to wait untill the last 100 to take the lead but he was dying and left lane 1 wide open coming into the last 200 so I took it and kicked as best I could and got the win in 157. 

good state q, I was dissapointed with my time though not a pr and I felt like I could have raced that one a lot more smart. I need to start faster with more confidence so I dont have to make a move until like 300 left. I need a fast 1st lap to get that pr and school record. they never called us up to the podium but I did get a dope backpack for winning. really fun meet

Nike Peg 34 Nop Miles: 4.00
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Race: Region 9 400m (0.249 Miles) 00:52:00, Place overall: 13
Total Distance

didnt need to run the 800 today so coach had me run an open 400 which is uncommon. they went a little quick so I didnt get as much warm up as I wanted but still pretty good. it was like 100 degrees or so today. I forgot my spandex and just wore my loose black shorts. and I didnt use blocks so I felt like a noob. also samson and cooper kenny were in my heat. but I ran super hard and ended up with a 52.67. 400s are fun.

Nike Peg 34 Nop Miles: 5.00
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Race: Region 9 1600m (0.994 Miles) 00:04:30, Place overall: 2
Total Distance

4pm- 100 degrees windy- Region 9 Championships- 1600m

good small warmup in the heat. got some water all over me to cool off a bit. This race I wanted to get 428 thats it. The race started slow, Jensen was in the lead but he wasnt pushing as hard as I thought he would. At the end of the first lap I was able to get out of the pack and get up into 2nd and stuck behind Jensen. after lap 2 I went to pass him because he wasnt really making any moves but once I got up next to him he sped up and didnt let me pass. the 3rd lap was good but the 4th lap I fell off jensen a bit and a couple dudes caught me and passed me I was so dead. but I kicked it up a little bit and passed those guys comfortably for 2nd place. decent race

state is for some serious prs

Nike Peg 34 Nop Miles: 6.00
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Total Distance

speedy workout. feeling good

Nike Peg 34 Nop Miles: 7.00
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Race: utah state championships 4a 800m (0.497 Miles) 00:01:56, Place overall: 4
Total Distance

2pm- state 800- fast heat

began the race in good position and nice pace. kept my spot around 5th through the first lap. still everyone was close nobody was separating. into the second lap I was able to be around2-3 place and thought about making a move for first on the back stretch but didnt want to risk blowing up. With 200 left the orem and stansbury guys left me and snow canyon was barely in head. I gave everthing i had to go for 3rd, passed the snow canyon kid and out of nowhere ogden flew passed both of us and I finished 4th. 156.2 

everyone will tell you good job but to me that race was my shot and i blew it. I wanted to win. I wanted to get a awesome PR. but thats just not how it turned out and its really dissapointing because i was so ready for this. visualized winning it a hundred times. I gave it what i had so Ive got nothing to be mad at it just is what it is. 

Nike Peg 34 Nop Miles: 3.00
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Race: utah state 4a 1600m (0.994 Miles) 00:04:33, Place overall: 9
Total Distance

9am- state 1600m- fast heat

In this race I was not in the right mindset. yesterday I was really dialed in today I wasnt as focused i dont think. i warmed up good and the weather was perfect to run a really good race. i ran good the first lap. ran alright the second lap still in good pace and position. ran like a wuss and let everyone get away from me the 3rd lap though. i didnt get after it like i could have. I didnt have the fire and it showed. on the 4th lap I just ran hard and finished the race. 9th place 433. This race sucked and I dont know why I just ran slow. This year i had no team, no prs, and few good races, so it was a tough season I wont lie. Its over now and I still feel like i have alot left in me. i know i have a 10 second 1600 pr left that I didnt get. 

Last event that I waited all day for was the 4x400. even after the 1600 this morning i was able to get pumped up and ready to give it everything because the 4x400 is awesome. macen ran decent in his leg, idk what pos we were in but I came through my 1st 100 8th in the heat. I think I might have gained on the main pack a little bit I went hard in my leg. Me and jakes handoff was really good but DH and Sc were standing right in his way after he took the stick and he trucked them both pretty hard. samsons leg was also beast he got us into 7th. our team pred and i dont know my split and honestly i dont need to know it. if it was a pr or if it sucked I ran my heart out and thats how I ended high school track with my bros. love those guys and my coaches and everyone who has supported me through the years. thanks a ton. peace out 


Nike Peg 34 Nop Miles: 5.00
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Oceanside Memorial day 5k fun run today. havent ran for a week so it was nice to go for a jog by the ocean and pay some respect to the veterans.

Nike Peg 34 Nop Miles: 3.11
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ran south along the coast in oceanside to some nice cafe place then i turned around. It was probably around 4 miles. on the way back I ran fast just because I like running fast. last quarter mile was probably like 65 seconds i was hauling. 

Nike Peg 34 Nop Miles: 4.00
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Total Distance
Nike Peg 34 Nop Miles: 48.11Nike Peg 33 Green Miles: 7.00
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